Beti d.d.

Company’s mission and vision

Beti d.d is one of the leading European manufacturers of dyed polyamid yarns. More than 90% of sales created by exports on the markets of USA, EU Russia and the Middle East. The company employs more than 150 people and is among the largest employers in Bela krajina.

The mission and goal of Beti Holding company is growth and development in the areas of sales, manufacturing and own brand. The company strives to develop and economization of business process, which is also reflected in the results of good marketing. Investing in human resources, development, training and education for employees both in the private and business area is the cornerstone of an integrated quality system.

Long-term vision is to care for quality products, which are directly reflected in customer satisfaction and brand awareness. Productivity growth brings the development of new programs, markets, and a better standard of working environment of employees.




Beti Yarns

Beti preja d.o.o. is the producer of polyamide, polyester raw and dyed textured yarns, and wrapped elastanes. The company has a long tradition in the production, in the past for the needs of hosier’s industry, fabrics



It was founded in 1956 under the name that signifies an abbreviation made from initials of the original company name „ Belokranjska trikotažna industrija“ which has been for a long time also its parallel name.  It did not take long for the company to become the largest company in Bela Krajina, thus contributing significantly to reducing the intensive migration from the region.

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